Brittany is another model who participates in a local Trade-for-Print (TFP) Facebook group.  She responded to a model call post I made, and we set up this shoot.  This was Brittany’s first boudoir-style shoot, and she was a pleasure to work with.  We made it work with a limited lingerie selection, which just goes to show that sexiness comes from the model and the mood, and not necessarily the wardrobe.


Cameras I used for this shoot were:

  • Bronica SQ-a, my medium format jewel of a workhorse.
  • Contax G2, modern-ish 35mm rangefinder with superb lenses
  • Fuji XT-2, a recent acquisition for me, having sold my Nikon FX gear.

Film stocks used were:

  • Color: Fuji Reala 100 (shot at ISO 100).  This is an old 120 film stock which is no longer available.  I got some expired rolls from Ebay. 
  • B&W: Kodak TMax 400 expired (also shot at 400).  Also, some expired rolls from Ebay, though it is still a currently produced film.

This was the same location as my shoot with Nina, and so light from the window was limited in this shoot as well.  In fact, this shoot with Brittany was further into the afternoon/evening, and light was beginning to fade.  So, I used some lamp lighting from the hotel lights, which lends a pleasing mood to some of the shots.


Color film from the shoot was sent to the Darkroom and comes with some basic lo-resolution (but useable) scans.  I’ve been largely pleased with turnaround times at the Darkroom.  Black and white film was developed in Rodinal (1:25 with a 6.5-minute developing time, agitating every 30 seconds).  B&W negatives were scanned by me using an Epson V500, and processed in Adobe Lightroom.   I decided to leave my black and white film as I like to call, “Dirty.” That is, I didn’t clean up all the dust and such that I typically do.  Sometimes I like to do this for a more deliberately analogue and edgy look.   


Brittany on Fuji Reala 100 with the Bronica SQ-a:

Here are the black and white shots from the Contax G2:

And finally, a few selects from the Fuji XT-2:


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