Chell – 2

Model and Lingerie

This was another TFP shoot with Chell, a friend of mine who occasionally models.  See info about my first lingerie shoot with Chell.  This was a short, quick photo session, so it started with a pinstripe bra and panty set she just happened to be wearing.  From my wardrobe collection, we borrowed a sheer black lace teddy for a few shots.

Setup and Shooting

The first few color film shots were made with a Kiev 6C; if you’re not familiar this is a Ukrainian copy of the venerable Pentacon 6, a medium format (6×6) large and heavy SLR.  This is the camera that introduced me to- and made me fall in love with the 6×6 square format.  The film in those shots was Fuji Reala 100.  The following black and white shots were taken with a Canon AE-1 on Kentmere 400 film.  I also took a few digital shots with a Nikon D200, but they were largely repeats of the film shots, and are a bit noisy.  At that point in time, I still shot in .jpg rather than raw, making them less than ideal for post-processing.

The lighting I used was mostly single lamps, including a large florescent  one which actually lights quite evenly, despite its color balance issues.


As with the previous shoot, I developed my own black & white film in Kodak D-76, and scanned using an Epson V500.  Lightroom was used for processing and a few minimal adjustments and dust processing

Selects From the Shoot


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