Chell – 1

Model and Lingerie

Chell is a friend I met a couple of years ago with a casual interest in modelling and photography, and agreed to work with me on a Trade-for-Print (TFP) basis whenever we both had time.  This is from our very first boudoir session, where she provided her own selections of lingerie, including two simple bra and panties sets.

Setup and Shooting

This was one of my very first boudoir / lingerie sessions, and I shot on a combination of film and digital, even back then. In this case I used a Canon AE-1 with 50mm f/1.4 lens and Kentmere 400 film.  Digital shots aren’t shown here, but I used a Nikon D200.

Lighting is what I would call quite rudimentary, as it was basically tungsten lamps that were readily available.  They do, however, lend a moody look to the shoot.


I developed my own black & white film in Kodak D-76, and scanned using an Epson V500.  Post processing is pretty minimal, with mainly dust removal, then minor contrast and tone adjustments in lightroom.  

Selects From the Shoot


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