Chell – Blues and Greens


For this lingerie photo session with Chell, we kept it simple with a couple of pieces of black lingerie:

  • a simple black once-piece teddy
  • a very sheer front chemise with strappy back
  • a pair of black lace high-waisted panties.

For a bit of interest, Chell wore some thigh-high black leather boots.  I usually dislike shoes with lingerie/boudoir since they don’t really make sense, but it’s also nice to add in a new element once in a while.


I mostly shot with my Bronica SQ-a for this session. I shot three rolls of film, totaling 36 exposures.  A also shot a few with my Fuji XT-2, however these were mostly just variations of what I already shot on film.  I shot 41 digital shots,  and nearly none of them have the interest that the film shots have from the same shoot.

Film stocks used were:

  • Fuji Reala 100 (shot at ISO 100).  This is an old 120 film stock which is no longer available.  I got some expired rolls from everyone’s favorite online auction site.
  • Fuji Astia 100 (shot at ISO 100).  Another of Fuji’s discontinued films, this color slide film looks amazing as transparencies.  I also got these from an online auction.

As this was a natural light shoot, there was no lighting to worry about.  I did, however use curtains and doors to control light somewhat.


Color film from the shoot was sent to the Darkroom and comes with some basic low-resolution (but useable) scans.  For my purposes, I rescan using an Epson V500 and color match to the lab scans using color, temperature, and other adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.  In this case, I was really pleased with the blue and green hues the combination of the location and the film were giving me.  This combined with the black lingerie made for what I feel are some nice images.


Chell on Fuji Reala 100 and Fuji Astia 100 with the Bronica SQ-a:



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