Victoria – 2

Model and Lingerie

See my previous post about working with Victoria, and check out our images from the 1st roll of our Lingerie Photography session on film.  Lingerie from these images was sources from amazon.  This is what I would call a long sleeve black lace teddy by Lisli.

Setup and Shooting

I took these shots on Fuji Pro 400H using my Bronica SQ-a.  Since the camera has no internal meter, I used my Sekonic L-308 to meter the shots.  The only light source in the room was the big window.  Thus, I closed and opened the curtains to control the amount of light and relative location on the model.  I also had an assistant with a small reflector. However, I didn’t use much reflected light during this shoot.  You can see in the darker shots that we had the curtains nearly closed,  leaving just a sliver of light to illuminate Victoria.  This led to some nice moody, seductive images.  However, the brighter shots of Victoria leaning against the bed are with the curtains wide open, flooding the white room with light.  You can see that these images definitely have a more light, airy, down-to-earth feel.  


After the shoot, I sent this roll and a few others to Indie Film Lab for developing and scanning.  IFL does a good job, and produces clean negatives and scans, and they’re reasonably priced compared to some other labs out there.  Upon receiving my scans, I did very little post-processing work.  At most, I did a bit of color adjustment, some dust removal, and maybe a tiny bit of curves adjustment.  


I stumbled across an article by Jackie Hicks Photography, which led me to try getting some of my photos published.  My normal modus operandi is to publish selects on Flickr, Instagram, or 500px.  However, I was especially pleased with the shots on this roll, and took a chance in submitting this to NIF Magazine. The editors accepted my work.  This my first time being featured in a publication, and I am very happy with the results.  You can check it out here:  Victorian Lace – Nocturnes Photography.

Selects From Roll 2

For posterity’s sake here is a “tear sheet” from NIF Magazine.  

Nocturnes Photography – Tear Sheet from NIF Magazine

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