Model and Lingerie

Paulina and I found each other on a local Trade-For-Print (TFP) group.  I posted a proposed shoot, and she responded with interest.  She was relatively new to modelling, but very much a natural and was pleasant to work with.  She brought a few pieces of lingerie and clothing of her own to use;  some of these were very different than I have seen or photographed before, making for a nice change.

Setup and Shooting

The concept for this shoot was “Outdoor Boudoir,” which of course is an oxymoron. However, Paulina was up for the challenge and we met at a location I had scouted;  we walked to a clearing behind some trees which offered a bit of privacy from a nearby trail.  

For this shoot, I left myself no digital safety net.  That is, I only used film cameras.  I put two particular cameras through their paces:

  • Bronica SQ-a – my medium format 6×6 workhorse
  • Contax G2 – a 35mm autofocus rangefinder with Zeiss lenses

Film that I ran through the Bronica was Fuji Astia 100, and Ilford Pan F+ 50.  In the Contax, I used some rolls of expired Fuji slide film (Sensia 100, and Fujichrome 100).  While the Astia and Pan F+ were fine, the 35mm slide film I have is obviously succumbing to it’s age and likely poor storage conditions.  I also cross-processed one of the slide film rolls in C-41 chemistry, hence the massive color shifts.


After the shoot, I sent the color rolls to the for developing and scanning.  While the developing job they do is fine, my biggest issues with them is that the “included scans” are almost comical in resolution.  They may as well not go through the trouble to scan them with the file sizes they are producing.  In the end, I ended up re-scanning these on my Epson V500 to get decent resolution and usable results.  

Bronica SQ-a shots on Fuji Astia 100

Contax G2 shots on Expired Fuji Slide Film

Bronica SQ-a shots on Ilford Pan F 50


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