I set up this lingerie shoot in a simple little one-room efficiency hotel room with Valerie.  

Model and Lingerie

I found her on ModelMayhem, as I have with most of the models I’ve worked with.  She was a fantastic model, who really brought to life the theme of girl-next-door.  She was quite professional, and a blast to shoot with.  We shot both digital on a Nikon D610, and film on a Bronica SQ-a.  

I thought I’d walk through each outfit change, as way to break up the setups and describe them all a bit.

Setup No. 1

We started with Valerie choosing something from her own lingerie selection.  I had her just sit on the couch to get a few shots in.  It’s always a good idea to let both model and photographer get a bit settled into the rhythm of the shoot with something simple that neither of you have high hopes for.  I was also getting a feel for the light in the room.  There are just a few keepers from this setup.

Setup No. 2

After a few warm-up shots, I had Valerie change into a thin purple sweater, with the grey knee-high socks.  The pink thong was from her own collection.  I had her start by kneeling on the bed, then transition to laying down.  I then had her hop up and pose against a countertop, with some great backlighting, for a sort of ‘domestic’ feel.

Setup No. 3

The next outfit was a bit out of the “girl next door” theme, but I found it a good idea to push the edges of a theme just a bit.  This keeps the whole shoot a bit fresher.  Here Valerie poses in what is actually a bikini set (from Amazon).  We used the interesting wall with a bit of texture to break up the smooth, simplistic tones of the outfit.

Setup No. 4

For this next outfit/setup, we continued with the knee-high socks, but switched to a different sweater.  Lighting is a bit more subdued and dramatic; to achieve this, I simply closed the window shade to let in just a sliver of light.

Setup No. 5

Here, our model sports a see through white button down blouse, and bra and thong from her own collection.  The clothing/lingerie combination is revealing in all the right ways, and yet remains sophisticated and sexy.  

Setup No. 6

This white and black nightgown is a purchase from Amazon, and turned out exceptionally well.  Again, we used the couch and bed to make this feel more soft and girl-next-door.

Setup No. 7

We did a couple of locations with this outfit, but generally I used window backlighting with a bit of white reflector to add back into the shadows;  I also allowed a bit of lens flare to make these feel brighter and more airy.  This black Lace Teddy is a bet less approachable, but still sexy.  It maintains good coverage, but offers a few subtle hints with a lace-up back and sheer lace and mesh panels.

Setup No. 8

And the final outfit is this Black Chemise from our model’s collection.  We kept this final setup simple, with some quick poses on the bed.

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