At heart, I am a photographer.  I am not a professional… but neither does the word amateur resonate with me.  I pursue the image for the sake of the image, that it may stand on it’s own.


Some say woman is the Crown of Creation.  Feminine beauty is certainly like no other beauty in this world, and it has been chased and captured by artists for millennia.  There are grander beauties to be found in nature, but none so personal – so captivating and intimate, as the feminine form.  And then there is the other great beauty: music.  Simple frequencies and intervals combine to tell a thousand different stories.  A thousand loves, a thousand triumphs, a thousand heartbreaks.  No music is so pure as classical music – both constantly innovating, and simultaneously standing unwavering through the test of time.   Soft, grandiose, playful, moving – it is a language without words.  These are the inspiration in what I do.  

My core tenets are respect, kindness, and simplicity of vision.  


Much like in music, the same theme or concept can be communicated in different voices or media.  I use film and digital, and respect both.  For most of my artistic work, I prefer the simplicity of a primarily mechanical device in my hands.  It is authentic, real, physical.