Victoria – 1


Model and Lingerie

Here’s the first roll from my shoot with Victoria.  She’s a stunning model, with captivating eyes.  Just like with previous models, I reached out to Victoria on Model Mayhem.  Lingerie from photos you’ll see below was sourced from a number of places.  Victoria brought along the black lace chemise with sheer fishnet back.  The light-colored loose top was actually a thrift-store find of mine; the bra underneath was also Victoria’s own.

Setup and Shooting

For my entire session with Victoria, I shot almost exclusively film.  A number of previous shoots I have done were primarily digital, or at least 50% digital.  This time, I decided to push myself and stop leaning on instant, easy results.  However, my Bronica SQ-a doesn’t have a meter, so I have previously only had two options: guessing exposure, or using my Nikon D610 as a meter.  I finally bit the bullet an bought a stand alone light meter.  The Sekonic L-308S. A simple meter, but great nonetheless.


I sent off this roll of Ilford HP5+ with several others from this session to be developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab. Two weeks or so later, I received emailed links to my scans.  One of the best parts of having a lab scan is that they really do a great job with dust control.  Beyond a bit of basic curves adjustment, there was no much post-processing done on these shots.

Selects From Roll 1

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